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Authorized Signers Sign and Submit Certificate Agreements to IdenTrust.
TrustID digital certificates are issued based on a policy of strong authentication and identity proofing.

TrustID business credentials warrant:
  The identity of the certificate holder
  The authenticity of the business that employees the applicant
  That the certificate holder is authorized to represent the business in digital transactions

To obtain a TrustID business certificate, each applicant must submit a business agreement form (as part of the registration process) signed by an authorized signer for the company. This could be a security officer, manager, or another individual who can authorizes an individual to represent the company in digital transactions. Authorized signers can now use their TrustID digital certificates to electronically sign and submit this agreement.

TrustID Business Certificate Issuance Process

  1. Applicant provides information at the online registration form found at at
  2. Company Authorized Signer submits business agreement form affirming that the applicant is designated to represent the company.
  3. IdenTrust performs Identity proofing and authenticates the business.
  4. Once approved, IdenTrust phones the applicant to deliver an activation code.
  5. Applicant returns to IdenTrust's certificate download site, and enters the activation code and a personal pass phrase. The certificate keys are generated, downloaded, and automatically installed in the applicant's browser or token.

Applicants should anticipate one to three business days for IdenTrust to perform the authentication procedures.


IdenTrust provides support for issues that arise when using your TrustID certificate. IdenTrust support can be reached online or at the toll free number: 888-882-1104. Support hours are from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mountain Standard Time.

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